When a new client starts doing business with your agency, you want them to be happy with the results you bring in.

You also want to forge that new relationship into a long-term one that makes a lot of money for you and your client.

The problem is you only have so much time in your day to service your clients. You already know how much time it takes to find new clients. So, that kind of leaves you between a rock and a hard spot at the moment, if we can be blunt.

That’s where our white label SEO services come to your rescue.

We’ll service your clients on your agency’s behalf. We will deliver fast and lasting results for them. So you will have peace of mind knowing your clients are in excellent hands.

Plus, we work for your agency, not your clients; that means we report to you and that your clients will ever know we exist. That means you get to take 100% credit for all the results we generate for your clients.

But can we provide results for your clients?

That’s an excellent question to ask in our industry. Spammers and scammers have overrun it in many ways.

But our co-founder is Matt LaClear. He and his family have serviced well over 13,000 SEO clients since 2009.

So, yeah, we know how to make your SEO clients happy and keep them that way. That means your clients will keep paying you money month after month and year after year as a result.

As your white label SEO provider, this is what you can expect from us.

Get White Hat Backlinks to Your Clients Websites Every Month.

It takes links to rank websites in 2021. Stay away from private Blog Network (PBN) or other types of black hat links. We quit using them several years ago for good reason. They stopped working and even started penalizing our clients’ sites. As our white label client, we will earn links for your clients from real websites in their industry. These links will improve their SEO rankings and are completely safe from penalties.

Get All Your Clients Onpage SEO Work Fixed

It takes time to optimize your client’s websites for Google. That’s time you could be spending on getting new clients for your agency.

Our team will get your clients’ websites optimized and aligned with Google’s Algorithm.

You don’t have to worry about our work quality, ever. We’ll let you know what changes we want to make ahead of time to get clearance from your clients.

Having well-optimized websites will make the links we build even more useful.

Receive Monthly Tech SEO Audits on Your Clients Websites

It takes more than backlinks and Onpage SEO to rank sites high up in the money positions on page one of Google.

That’s why we include tech SEO as part of our White label SEO services. Your clients need it, and they need it often, so we include the extra work in our services.

Sometimes their site slows down so the rankings tank. Other times, they lose their rich snippets, or their pages break and become 404’s.

When you throw in their mobile and sitemap errors, things can go South fast with their rankings.

Get Content Ideas for Your Clients Every Month

Content marketing is a vast upsell or bonus for your agency to be able to provide your clients. Our team will research and suggest content that you can write for them.

Get A White-Label Report Every Week for Each of Your Clients That You Can Copy and Paste and Send to Them.

Keeping clients up to date with their campaigns’ progress is how you keep them paying you money.

They want to know what progress you’re making for the money they pay you.

That’s where the weekly reports come in very handy.

As our white label SEO client, we will do all the work of preparing your weekly client reports.

Talk about easy.

Get Access to a Live Scorecard That Tracks the Progress We Are Making on Each of Your Clients Campaigns.

We do this to give you peace of mind that your client campaigns are heading where you want them to go.

The scorecards also alert us to potential client campaign problems as they happen. That way we can fix them fast.

Get a Customer-centric Score Card You Can Share with Your Clients.

This scorecard will be different from the agency scorecard. It is more customer-centric, so they better understand it. We learned this lesson the hard way, so our experience can now work in your favor.

We will always include a link to their version of the scorecard in the white label weekly reports we send you.

Get Unfettered Access to Our SEO Playbooks Library to Use in Your Agency

Remember paint by number kits when you were a kid? That’s what our Playbooks are like, only less messy, and they make you money.

We designed the Playbooks so our employees could use them over and over to serve our clients.

In your first month of service, we will give you the complete library of Playbooks to keep for life.

Please use them to service your clients and grow your agency.

What's Next?

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