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Most SEO Agencies Get Fired by Clients too Early in the Relationship

In This Training You’ll Learn How to Keep Your Clients Long-term

1. You’ll learn to live with the constant worry that one or more of your clients are about to fire you.

2.Over time you’ll come to enjoy the earthy aroma of stress sweat, even if others in your life don’t.

3. You’ll gain super strong sales muscles from always having to find new clients to replace the ones that fire you.

4. Getting paid peanuts by your clients will one day inspire you to start up your own peanut shop.

5. Your team will erect a statue in your honor for your many donations to their favorite time theft charity.

1. You finally learn how to love life again because the client worries quit poisoning your mind.

2. You get peace of mind knowing your agency provides a service that actually rocks.

3. Your agency grows by default because your clients keeping paying you for years and years .

4. Your clients increase their spend with you because you WOWed them to bigger packages.

5. Our playbooks keep team members 100% accountable for achieving results for your clients. Give them a deadline and watch the magic happen.

The 'Happy SEO Clients in 30 Days or Less' Formula

Build Trust and Become Your Clients' Superhero in the Next 30 Days!

"One thing led to another and suddenly we were discussing a six-month SEO contract."

“I shared the SEO Copywriting Playbook with my LinkedIn group and one thing led to another and suddenly we were discussing a six-month SEO contract. That’s how impressed he was with this guide.”
— Avrumi Weinberger
“If I have any complaints about this course is that it’s TOO good — it clarifies such simple processes in such a quick period of time that I could wind up with some talented competitors. Impressive stuff.“
– Randy Ray
The playbooks are fantastic and truly do make each lesson a paint by numbers exercise which is great for novices and advanced users alike.
– John Singleton

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“We picked up two nuggets in the first 30 minutes of training that were game-changers for our agency.”
– Cade Humphrey


1. You take the training and download the course materials and the SEO Playbooks library.

2. You assign the appropriate playbooks to your team to complete for clients.

3. You make your SEO clients VERY HAPPY within the next 30 days.

Free Training Course!

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“Hands down the best resource for getting up to speed on best tactics FAST. The Happy SEO Clients course was amazing and has already more than paid for itself.”

Brady Smith

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Free Training Course!


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Free Training: Boost Your SEO Clients' ROI FAST!

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